Friday, March 11, 2011

Sheldon Shamrock

Sheldon loves green!

Today Mom and I made a shamrock called Sheldon Shamrock.  He is about 5" tall and 4" wide and is now great friends with Seymour and Ray! Sheldon can't wait 'til Thursday which is his time to shine because we all know that the 17th is st. Patrick's day!  We made a pattern for Sheldon and you can get it at Craftsy.  All the instructions you'll need are there!

Sheldon's best friends.

Sheldon goes all out for St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I love Sheldon! We will be making Irish stew on Thursday. Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

  2. Sheldon is great, but I'd call him Shamus :)
    Happy St. Pat's day as we say here around Boston Ma

  3. I love all your little POCKET PALS!
    You are very artistic and creative!
    Keep up the creative work!!

  4. Thank you for giving me that wonderful name suggestion I will consider renaming him :-)