Friday, April 8, 2011


Hooray for penguins!

Earlier today my mother my brother and I made penguins.  My penguin's name is Percy.  Today Percy found out that he loves listening to and making music.  One of his favorite composers is Mozart!

I'm trying to decide which critter to design next, maybe a flower or perhaps a ninja. What do you think??

If you would like to make your own Percy, you can get the pattern and instructions at Craftsy.

Pocket Pal Party!
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Pocket Pal Pyramid
Percy and Mozart <3


  1. Very cute. My daughter would love to make something like that!

  2. They're all really cute; well done.
    I think a ninja would be really popular. Good Luck with your venture, I'm impressed that you're doing this (a blog and sewing) at such a young age. I think you'll do well.
    regards Gillian